Loren and Michel’s 1920?s Carousel E-Session!

When I asked JoAnna if she could find a great location for Loren and Michel’s engagement session, I had no idea she would have come up with a 1920’s Carousel in Hampton, VA.  Yet another reason why she’s the greatest! Taking photos while rotating in circles continuously, trying to brace yourself on something steady really makes for a challenging session.  Luckily, Loren and Michel are pros at looking good for the camera and holding on tight.  That made our job that much easier!  For about 45 minutes we spun in circles and captures some awesome photos. Once our heads stopped spinning, we headed over to Buckroe Beach for a second location. There at the beach, Loren and Michel continued to still shine!

Congrats Loren and Michel! We wish you both the best!

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Mustang Rally to OBX

This morning was definitely an unexpected cold one. The good thing was, it was only cold for a brief moment… Once more than 50 of the most modified local Mustangs arrived for the rally, the scene heated up extremely fast. Shelby, Cobra, Roush, Saleen, Steeda and Mach 1’s all were in attendance. The plan was to meet up at Greenbrier Mall then head down to the OBX for lunch at Hooters with even more members. I had originally planned to make the entire trip down to OBX with the group but some last minute things came up. I still “forced” myself to get up early to meet a few of the “forced induction” locals though. I’m glad I did!

Enjoy the images and be sure to leave a comment! Thanks for viewing! -JJP

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Sara and Phillip’s Engagement Session Experience!

Sara and Phillip had already chosen the perfect spot for their engagement session when they hired us to photograph their wedding just a few days ago.  We spent about 2 and a half hours walking around the upscale neighborhood of Edinburgh near Hickory High School and found some beautiful backgrounds and scenery to play with.  Did I mention there was a huge waterfall there also!!!

Awesome couple + new SLR camera gear + great shoot location = one heck of an engagement session!


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