Catherine and Tatum’s “Passionate Sunrise” Engagement Session!

What do you do when a bride has her mind set on beautiful sunset photos of her and her fiance’, but everyone’s schedule is so busy it can’t be worked out?  That’s easy!  You get up before dawn @ 5:45am and travel to Fort Story in Virginia Beach for a “Passionate Sunrise” engagement session!  Catherine is into Communications.  Tatum is into weight lifting and body boarding.  Together, they make one indestructible couple!’

Catherine and Tatum – able to get through military police inspections at Fort Story much faster than JoAnna and myself!  Enjoy everyone!

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Featured Wedding: Kesha and Jason Prim

A four story beach house, multimedia setups in each room, a full bar stocked to the ceiling, a delicious wedding cake, beautiful scenery out by the lighthouse – it’s no wonder why nobody wanted to leave this wedding! Kesha and Jason formulated the perfect plan for a beach themed event for all of their friends and family to marvel over.

Now, there’s something I have to say… The ring bearer at their ceremony was like no other. The ring bearer’s name was Oreo, weighed only 2 pounds and was a tiny chihuahua! The bride and groom miraculously trained Oreo to walk from the top floor of their beach house all the way down to the ground level, through the pool gate, and around the guests – right up to the groomsman to deliver the wedding rings. And yes, you guessed it, the rings we’re fastened to Oreo’s collar. Who thinks of this stuff? Kesha and Jason do!

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Those “Getting Ready” Photos!

Like most of our weddings, a 12 hour day is to be expected. With Emily, our day started at Bubbles Salon in Lynnhaven Mall at 9am sharp. Who doesn’t like to have getting ready photos in their wedding album? After all, aren’t the behind the scenes photos all that more interesting? If you’re wondering about the sunglasses, as many were that morning, Emily thought that for her wedding she would try to bring back the Aviators! And she did 100%! She, along with her bridesmaids wore them the entire day (except for the ceremony of course)! Each one had their own pair! All I could think about the entire day was Top Gun, with Maverick and Goose. -Goodness, Gracious Great Balls of Fire!!!

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